QSOToday Ham Expo

Amateur Space Radio is proud to present a booth exhibit, two social events, and day-long speaking track at QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo March 2021. Thank you to exhibit chairs Tom Schuessler N5HYP and Michelle Thompson W5NYV for bringing the exhibit to life.

Our opening event is a set of electronic dance music designed especially for Ham Expo by John Brier KG4AKV, an accomplished satellite operator, educator, and musician. Starting at 6pm US Pacific time in the Podcast Pavilion, this fun event certainly sets the tone for the weekend.

Our booth opens at the same time for early visitors. Find Amateur Space Radio in the Expo Hall. Enjoy a wide variety of video content, take home a wide variety of useful and informative documents, and spend some time in our lobby at one of our six tables. We have a schedule of special guests that you can talk to. Or, just enjoy some time with friends talking about all things related to space and amateur radio!

All day Saturday is our dedicated speaking track in Amateur Space Radio Auditorium.

Here’s a copy of the schedule.

Watch the video introduction about the Amateur Space Radio Auditorium speakers and their talks, embedded below.

Saturday evening is our second social event, an Around The World Scavenger Hunt. Tickets are free and are first come first serve at our booth in the Expo Hall. Enjoy an online adventure! Explore the world and have some fun after a long day at the Ham Expo. This will be Saturday evening starting at 7pm Pacific.

Our video track at the booth covers activity from around the world. Come to the booth to enjoy the video presentations.

Our tables will be open for the entire weekend. Here’s our table schedule. It’s subject to change and addition!